100 wines by the glass

novita wine system

We offer 100 wines by the glass.
This system is the largest of its kind anywhere on the east coast. It was custom built in Australia specifically for Novità and took 6 months to build. This is important to note, because it enables us to carry more high-end wines that you will not find in any other restaurant for pouring by the glass. Each one of our wines have been chosen for taste and menu compatibility. The idea of 100 wines by the glass is to allow the customer to try wines they usually would not because of bottle price. It also gives the customer the opportunity to pair their courses with different wines.

Serving wine by the glass can be the most profitable or least profitable way to serve wine, depending on how you do it. Once a wine is exposed to oxygen, it begins to deteriorate, usually lasting only 24 hours for optimal taste. Although, no bottle (including Opus One or Camus Cabernet), has taken more than 5 days to sell, with normal handling in our system we can rely on a minimum of 30-40 days of service life when wines are connected immediately after opening.

The traditional way to refrigerate wine is opening a bottle and placing it in a bar fridge. It is not only slow and inefficient; it ends up speeding up the deterioration of the wine through oxidation. With un-refrigerated wine, this oxidation process is even faster.

In the Novita wine system, there are wine heads and a gas propellant that both preserve & help pour the wine, therefore oxidation is not a concern. The combination of optimum storage and the gas significantly lengthens the shelf life of the wine without affecting the taste.


To pour the wine, we simply place a glass under the tap and press the pre-programmed button.  The pours are pre-set to a 1/2 oz. taste, a 3.5 oz. glass and a 6 oz. full glass pour. The system has two different digitally controlled temperature zones, one for red & one for white.  The temperatures are adjustable, in order that we may serve each at optimal temperatures.  We are proud to be serving not only the freshest glass of wine, but also the greatest selection on the east coast.

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